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Criss Starr

Yours 4 Ever is a sophisticated, contemporary R & B and smooth jazz cd that showcases Criss Starr's evolving power as a composer/producer of both instrumental and lyrical based songs.

Criss Starr is a multi-talented artist with years of experience in the music business both nationally and internationally. Music was a huge part of Criss's life throughout his childhood. He created his own music groups, regularly performed in venues around his hometown, and was featured in several local news dailies.
In 1983, Criss released his debut album, Criss Starr. Criss also formed the band the Future which released the song, Already Yesterday, a song Criss wrote. Already Yesterday was a smash hit that received frequent airplay and critical acclaim.
In 1999, Criss was invited to perform at the Pickford Live Hall, a preeminent Japanese nightspot. Criss used his time in Japan to hone his craft, learn the industry, and make a name for himself.
In 2001, while performing at Pickford Live Hall, Criss caught the eye of Kenny Babyface Edmonds who invited Criss to play on his worldwide Face to Face tour. After completing the Babyface tour, Criss returned to the States and created his own studio and record label.
He also continued to work on his songwriting and his own music. In 2006, Criss released the single, Yours 4 Ever. In 2008, Criss wrote music for the soundtrack of an independent film that was produced in Sweden and debuted at the Canne film festival. And, on February 2, 2009, Criss released his latest CD, On The Keys.

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Minneapolis, Minnesota - USA.