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David W. Aucoin - Heart Of The Earth

David W. Aucoin - Heart Of The Earth
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New style of Ambient music and New Age. Smooth sounds with a twist. Ambient-New Age mixture. Great for meditation or massage therapy!

Track Listing

  1. [5:21]
  2. [4:26]
  3. [5:40]
  4. [5:07]
  5. [5:35]
  6. [6:09]
  7. [4:35]
  8. [5:39]
  9. [8:14]

David W. Aucoin

David W. AucoinHow the CD "Heart of the Earth" was born.
As a guitarist, singer and composer for over 35 years, I have enjoyed playing pop, blues, rock, country, and at private parties. Most of my music, including songs written for other people, consists of lyrics that are suggested by the music itself.
"Heart of the Earth" is a departure for me. With this instrumental album and other "movie theme" cuts that I've been writing for years, the music flowed into my guitar and diffracted into accompaniments by several other instruments, some of them unusual and even exotic. On this album, you will hear piano, guitar, synthesizers, percussion, strings, ambient voicing, gongs, ambient fluting, whales, birds, brass, and more.
I hope you find this CD pleasant, interesting, relaxing and uplifting and will share it…

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Walker, LA - USA.

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