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Coffee With Joe™

Coffee with Joe™ : 11 Cups of Coffee Your Way is the one of a kind, multi-genre all coffee song compilation presented by animated character Coffee Cup Joe™.
Coffee Cup Joe is a hardworking, likeable journalist and foreign correspondent who loves both coffee and music so much, he put together this compilation for everyone to enjoy anytime, anywhere.
All of the artists on this CD are US based, ranging in style from acoustic to rock to boogie woogie and blues, jazz, pop, ballad, folk and a touch of festive latin flavour. These 'independently roasted organic coffee songs' are sure to satisfy the palette of the coffee lover's music collection, and a portion of every sale benefits Coffee Kids(R), an organization whose efforts benefit coffee farmers, their families and communities.
Coffee Cup Joe™ says, "Treat yourself daily to Coffee with Joe™ - it's like the soundtrack to a coffee film! 'Til tomorrow's cup™ , I'm Coffee Cup Joe™."