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How to Sell Your Music Here

If you are an unsigned or independent band or artist and you have released an album, we'll help you sell it.
We'll stock your CD at CD Unsigned, with its own webpage and sell via digital downloads.

And unlike other music stores, you'll get paid each time a copy of your album is sold.

what do I have to do?

  • You fill out our submission form with your artist/band and album details.
  • You tell us how you'd like to get paid for your sales.
  • If selling CDs send us 5 copies for now. We'll ask for more if they sell.
  • You DON'T have to edit info or upload songs. We do it all for you!

what will you do for me?

  • We build you a permanent 24/7 online album page on CD Unsigned, complete with your album and artist information, song clips, biography, etc. (or separate pages for each album if you have released more than one)
  • We will make your tracks available for digital purchase if you want.
  • We upload your music and material and do all the work.
  • We change/update your page(s) at your request at any time.
  • We deal with all CD sales and ship them out to customers for you.

what about the money?

  • You set your own selling price for your CD.
  • We keep only £2.00 GBP commission per CD sale on CDs priced £10 and below, and 20% on CDs priced over £10. You get the rest!
  • We pay you each time your CD is sold. Payment is made to you at the end of each month.
  • There is no waiting to reach a certain threshold amount before being paid.

what if I am already signed with a label?

As long as you have permission to sell your material then thats fine, we don't require exclusivity. We also offer discounted rates for music labels to sell through CD Unsigned.

what if I don't want to sell CDs just downloads?

No problem, all we ask is you send us one master uncompressed CD per album which we can use to encode digital copies from.

how many albums will I sell here?

How long is a piece of string? Different bands will appeal to different people. Sales are not set in stone and customers can be very fickle! Some bands may sell a few copies a month, whereas others sell more.

Some bands do sell a lot of albumss. These are bands who have good looking CDs with good production, gig a lot, have their own websites, promote their music thoroughly through email newsletters, word of mouth, etc and, most importantly, have links to their CD Unsigned pages on their websites, so their fans know where to buy their CDs.

Self-promotion and giving your band a good image is the key here! Let's face it! We are NOT Universal or Sony. You will NOT sell 1000s of CDs a week here, but CD Unsigned is here for making sure that unsigned or independent bands can sell copies of their CDs to anyone in the world at any time!

A lot of bands have sold a lot of albums over the years at CD Unsigned who would not have had that opportunity if they hadn't joined us.

how much will this cost me?

  • There is a ONE TIME Band Registration Fee of: £19.99
  • Apart from this initial fee, there is nothing else to pay.
  • If you have released more than one CD, you can sell them all here with ONE registration fee (as long as its by the same artist/band), each album has its own separate page.
  • You can also add more albums at a later date, free of charge.

why do I have to pay to register?

Yeah, okay, so you've already spent a fortune on recording and manufacturing your CD and then you're going to have to pay postage costs to send us the CDs, but the ONE TIME registration fee goes towards things like these:

  • Creating your artist page.
  • Providing a permanent 24/7 online presence for your album.
  • Providing a 24/7 checkout system to sell your music.
  • Providing sales and despatch of your album to customers.
  • Hosting, storage and streaming of your song clips.
  • Funds for website maintenance and advertising.

It also weeds out the freeloaders and naff amateurs. We don't want cr*p on our website. We want serious bands who play quality music!

And don't forget! Unlike other online CD stores, we don't charge a fee for every CD you release. You can sell ALL your CD releases here with ONE registration! We will update your artist page for you at your request at any time and you also can add more CD releases for free at a later date.

and, before you ask...

  • We will NOT discontinue your CD if it doesn't sell. We will always be happy to stock it!
  • Your CDs do NOT have to be barcoded or shrinkwrapped.
  • You can sell home made CDRs here as long as they have good-looking printed sleeves and labels.
  • There is NO contract to sign.
  • We do all the work. All you do is fill out the submission form and send us your material.

OK, I'd like to sell my CD here!