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Dc Baby! Records

Baby I'm Yours is a shimmering collection of angelic independent London indie that showcases the musings of 17 of the capitals most original and exciting bands. This compilation of wonderful London indie also launches the independent label DC Baby! Records.
In a world of manufactured, hyped and sound of the moment music, DC Baby! Records is on a rock & roll mission to unearth and preach the talents of some of the more unique and inspiring indie rock/pop bands who grace the stages of London's famous and not so famous venues on any given night of the week. These are bands at the coalface of the circuit and true exponents of the DIY and indie ethic DC Baby! Records holds dear to its heart and is dedicated to upholding and promoting.
Baby I'm Yours brings together 17 of London's most fantastical and glittering unsigned bands for your listening pleasure. The compilation ranges from the catchy as hell indie pop of The Tacticians, The Epitones, Daddy Long Legs, The Red Stars and The Kissing Time to the punk infused melodies of Greyhound Green and The Lygers. From the infectious grooves and utter uniqueness of Kill Electric, The Rebecas and Proxy to the acoustic tinged pop genius of Alphaspin and Beeches. From the souring melodic indie rock of Via Satellite, The Goodbyes, English Electric and The Distance to the 70s inspired and down right filthy roar of The Dirty Feel. Buckle up, check the kids are OK and prepare for the rock & roll ride of Baby I'm Yours.
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