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Emilio Basa

Emilio BasaA collection of songs Emilio recorded at different studios from all over the Detroit area. It includes his solo work and work from his different bands such as Primer and Green Eyed Red. It ranges from quiet acoustic work to funky jazz/hip hop tracks which displays his range as a performer.

His style can cut you to the core and his voice can make you enjoy every second. His words are profound, his music is unforgettable, and his voice is matchless.
Emilio Basa is easily one of the acts that you will never forget. With all the new terms being thrown around, it is hard to hold Emilio to a specific style. One thing you can call it is a style all his own.
It is his inter-most desires and thoughts put into music. It is his experiences written into words. It is almost as if you have no choice, but to get drawn in. With lyrics about love and loss, Emilio has a way of making you pay attention to what he is saying. His music is inviting, raw, exposed and he holds nothing back.

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Troy, MI - USA.

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