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Flesh-resonance CDs

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Charting a course through ever darkening realms. Contains over 70 minutes of pure dark ambient-electro-rock on a professionally produced redbook audio CD.
Seeing music as more of an experience than merely a collection of songs, Flesh-Resonance fuse past, present and future together, creating original, startling contrasts of dark ambient-electro-rock. From driving rhythms to swirling synths, their music is an ever changing form drifting between the shores of ethereal to electro-industrial, always moving, always changing. Known for their eclectic approach, Flesh-Resonance made an impact on the underground scene with the release of their debut album 'The Dark Between The Stars'. Following on from where their debut left off, 'The Feast Of Shadows' continues to explore the darker realms of music.

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Warrington, Cheshire - England.