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A debut album full of contemporary, uplifting beats, such as RnB, Soul, Pop and House and Garage.
Fresh, new talent from the UK, Jakim has been brought up in the church and has been living the gospel from an early age.
At the young age of 25, his diverse approach to creativity plus life experiences has helped him to reach out through his music, to a varied people consisting of young and old, from different cultures and all walks of life.
It is clear; that this young man has a message to deliver that can be related to by everyone on all levels.
First coming into music at the age of 11, by helping out with local with radio urban stations, it is from this era that he developed an interest for pursuing a career in music.
His vocal skills have leaded him to being involved in producing, and appearing in videos for urban cable channels.
Most recently, Jakim has been working his way through the South London open mike circuit. It is through this outlet that he has managed to bring his music to the forefront and acquire recognition for his raw talent.
As well as this he has also put on, and performed at showcases of which have been great successes. Currently scheduled for tours of live PA’s in a number of Christian retail outlets, Jakim has previously given captivating performances that in turn have resulted in an already strong fan base.

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Harrow, Middlesex - England.