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Kj Stone

The album features a number of South African artists including our own national diva, Gloria Bosman, Botswanean talent 'D' and Cape Town jazz vocalist Melanie Scholtz. All instruments are played by KJ (in 2 songs assisted by Noordhoek steaming jazz man Jeremy Olivier), and she sings on 4 tracks as well. KJ has broken all the rules. Nearly every song on the album features a different style of music. There is no one star either with every guest singer adding their own unique voice. This diversity has made it hard for some retailers to place , stumbling somewhere between dance and jazz.

I spent the whole of 2002 writing and recording this album. The album consists of 10 songs featuring various artists. I was writer, producer and engineer on the album. I played guitar and keyboard throughout apart from two tracks which feature the guitar playing of jazz guitarist , Jeremy Olivier.
The album veers away from conventional albums in that it has songs in a great variety of styles and features the vocal talent of a number of South African and African singers. The exquisite vocals of Gloria Bosman , feature on the song ' Always'. This why the album is called" In Different Voices".
The songs are an eclectic mix of styles : Hip-hop, jazz, operatic pop and pure pop fuse creating a sound which is hard to label. If a name has to be put to the style then it falls under 'World Music' or 'Trip-Hop'.


Cape Town - South Africa.

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