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Kristian Bediiako CDs

Kristian Bediiako

Kristian BediiakoSince no world renowned rock/blues/fusion guitarist exists from Africa, I have decided to put myself forward for this vacancy.

An African playing music of such alien culture?


A fusion of colours;
A cross fertilisation of ideas, technology, culture;
A unification of minds;
An understanding of one another;
A fusion of Africa with all;
Leading to a world of perfection.

A man lucky enough to be born in Africa and lucky enough to have spent many years outside of Africa and now fusing the traditional rhythms of his land of birth with the rock guitar techniques learnt outside of Africa and producing what many have termed -- AFRICA’s BEST KEPT SECRET, that is, the finest rock-blues-fusion guitarist ever to come out of Africa.

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Haslemere, Surrey - England.