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Laurie And Rick Williams CDs

Laurie And Rick Williams

Rick and Laurie Williams have been in the music world for over 30 years.
Their music is recognizable even if their names are not. Laurie is a publishes writer and veteran wordsmith who is best known for her slit-your-wrist lyrics that everyone can relate to. Rick writes haunting and memorable music that has been recognized over the year by some of the world's most presteigious competitions.
The couple now act as judges for some of these same competitions. They reside in Northern New York and their recording studio is always filled to capacity with interesting and talented musicians from near and far including several Grammy nominated musicians.
They have done many collaborative, international projects and their songs are currently being played and performed by artists in Europe, England (the BBC), Ireland and Austrailia.
Back home they can be found working with PBS Radio, doing music festivals during the summer, and Rick is lighting up the Bluegrass curcuit.
Both musicians are members of ASCAP and NSAI Rick is also a spokesman and representative for 'Custom Pearl Inlay' and Martin Guitars. Laurie is spokesperson for anyone who will listen.
These two have gained recognition internationally and their music can be heard on their latest release, "Here's To All My Friends" is an excellent compilation of acoustic music that is representative of their ecclectic styles.

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Potsdam, NY - USA.

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