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Luna Blanca CDs

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Luna Blanca

Luna Blanca

El Dorado has traditionally been the name of the fabled Lost City of Gold in South America and a phrase that has come to mean any ultimate prize. Now El Dorado is also the title and inspiration for the fifth album by the German act Luna Blanca, which has risen to become one of the most popular nouveau-flamenco groups in the world.

Luna Blanca’s first four CDs -- New Flamenco Odyssee, Magic, Guitar Island and the international Top 10 Provence, plus their concert DVD Guitar Island Live -- established the group internationally as a top modern flamenco ensemble combining melodic and emotional acoustic lead-guitar performance with rhythm guitars, piano, keyboards, percussion and other instruments. Luna Blanca has become known for their catchy and instantly-appealing melodies plus a Latin-oriented ensemble sound that makes the listener feel they are traveling to a warm climate to enjoy good times.

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Bocholt, Germany

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