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The Offbeat

What others have said, "WOW! A brilliant debut from this British band who've come out of nowhere to pop (and we mean pop) up on our radar screen!"
Formed in 2004 by songwriters Tony Cox and Darren Finlan who along with their producer friend Nigel Clark, produce bright summery harmonic pop!
In describing their debut album Planet Sound observe "They make sweet, simple accoustic pop with a direct channel to Paul McCartney's brainstem from 1965. It seems like these guys have honed their skills overtime, the tight sundrenched harmonies and guitar riffs are reminiscent of The Byrds. Maddeningly catchy, the harmonies stay around for weeks after one listen. Every so often an album comes along that is so vibrant it is as though the band involved has just invented pop music. This is one of those albums."

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Midlands - England.

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