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ProtosThis highly regarded English progressive rock duo have put together another memorable contribution to the art-rock genre.
The Noble Pauper's Grave is a concept album with a difference - ideal for dance, drama and theatre groups.
In 1982, Rory Ridley-Duff and Stephen Anscombe released One Day a New Horizon, which has become one of the progressive rock world’s ‘hidden treasures’.
Popularised by Japanese, UK and US record collectors in the early 1990s, demand grew until copies of the album were swapping hands for many hundreds of pound.
In 2006, they re-released studio and live work worldwide through CD Baby.
25 years on, Rory and Stephen have collaborated again in the studio.
Their new album - The Noble Pauper's Grave - is a welcome evolution for a band regarded in Japan as the top progressive rock act for a generation (Marquee Magazine, 1991).
We have now received a number of Noble Pauper reviews from around the world (Japan, Italy, Germany, USA and the UK). Many thanks to the fans and work colleagues who patiently translated these for us - some are still being translated and there are more in the pipeline. Here are the early headlines:

"A perfect mix of music and narration....", Fabio Rancatti, Italy

"Through sheer musical guile, Protos produce a masterpiece...", Rock 3, England.

"The compositions are dazzling...", Matt Howarth, Sonic Curiosity, USA.

"This is a great masterpiece, a step up in scale and quality from their previous work.", World Disque, Japan.

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Chichester, West Sussex - England.

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