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Randy Massey

In this world of massed produced sound and slick production, it has become almost impossible to find music with emotional content that speaks to the heart, much less satisfies a need for melody and musicianship.
These qualities seem all too often lacking in much of the music that crosses the airwaves these days. At least, until this gem showed up. What a pleasant surprise!
Randy Massey has put together something completely different in a CD that is extremely refreshing to these ears. Rich, textured melodic guitar work that soars and assaults the senses. Complex bass lines that weave between the guitars, drums and vocals, adding even more melody, as if that were possible. Vocals that are as honest as they are earnest and able to convey emotion without the need of showing off a seven octave range amd modulating the songs into an unrecognizable, eardrum shattering mess.
I'm not sure what to call Randy Massey's music. Some of it is Popish, some of it is Rockish, but one thing is sure... all of it is different and strangely refreshing in its raw emotion and melody. If you're ready for a change and feel like something real, I suggest you give this CD a try.
- Eloise Camden, ADAT Review.


Orange Park, Florida - USA.