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Roger And The Rockets CDs

Roger And The Rockets

This is the result of three odd years in a studio with musicians and friends. The plans and tunes has shifted over time, so has the members of the band. I wrote all the songs, but I don't play much on this CD - some guitars and some percussion.
I'm grateful for all the help I got making this CD. Whatever the music should be called, it is at least very original and varied. My goal is always to write songs with both a strong melody and a lyrics with something to say.
On the CD you'll find a happy set of tunes. The topics for the lyrics are real and sometimes on the black side, but the tunes themselves are always cheerful. As for the physical product, it's a professionally shrink wrapped and pressed CD and comes with a nice booklet of 20 pages with all the lyrics and one great illustration to go with each song.
Anyhow, I hope you enjoy listening to the songs.
Roger Häggström

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