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T'reseT'rese music is Soulful, Uplifting and Entertaining. Her smooth, silky voice and authentic melody blends perfectly in this beautifully crafted debut album. A splendid piece of work by whitelight production.
T'rese's music unveils a wealth of talent... the labour of a genuinely multi-talented Singer/Songwriter. She's a lady who knows precisely what she desires. And when necessary, she resorts to her overwhelmingly mesmerising charm to dictate the sort of response she expects. In view of her positive outlook on life and the way she so apply utilizes her tremendous gratifying propensities, she's ever so willing to make the sacrifices to attain her ultimate goal.
Gentile and soft spoken, T'RESE is someone who, with an ever cheerful disposition, skilfully tackles every objective carefully…and quite cautiously too. She's an avid listener. She weighs every word uttered to her. And replies calmly; with the uppermost degree of respect. Yet she's by no means the kind of individual anyone can attempt to walk over.
Theresa Theophile (that's her real name!) was born in Roseau Dominica, the Nature Island of the Caribbean and now resides in London England. Whilst growing up on the beautiful Island in the Caribbean, she listened to the likes of Sade, Tracy Chapman, Mary J Bilge, Whitney Houston, Anita Barker, Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, Bobby Brown, George Michael to name a few, some of the same superstars she's been compared to, but …T’RESE’s distinctive voice, makes her unique - something that is very uncommon in today's market. She's able to express herself without doing what everyone else is doing.
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Harrow, Middlesex - England.

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