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Ugur Dogan

Ugur DoganG a m - I Â z â d has many meanings like free of doubt's, free of problems, to be no one's slave and move in total freedom. G a m - I Â z â d is the first album of Ugur Dogan and has many crossovers between east and west. It is hard to label it as one style genre. It is dynamic and touch genres like Electronic Experimental, Worldfusion, Cinematic and Ambient.
Exploring every music as it comes as life itself to find the lost signs and sounds from the past and the future.
Ugur Dogan is fascinated by the undiscovered textural potential electronic instruments allow in his compositions. The process of composing is directly connected to the discovery of sonic events through experimentation and improvisation.
Ugur Dogan's music is meant to create an atmosphere that encourages introspection and meditation. It is music allowing the focused listener the depth for sonic exploration.

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Kirsehir - Turkey.