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Dolphin Blue - Live (Tom Waits Covers)

Dolphin Blue - Live (Tom Waits Covers)
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Atmospheric live recordings of songs of Tom Waits, performed by vocals and piano in intimate bar environments.

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Track Listing

  1. [2:24]
  2. [2:54]
  3. [3:31]
  4. [2:43]
  5. [2:11]
  6. [3:07]
  7. [3:22]
  8. [2:00]
  9. [4:00]
  10. [2:09]
  11. [3:04]
  12. [2:35]
  13. [5:43]
  14. [2:20]
  15. [3:10]
  16. [6:20]

Dolphin Blue

When DB was founded in 1993, their first step was to hit the stages of smoky clubs which seemed to provide the right ambience for Mr Waits' songs and his unique Whiskey-drenched voice, with the sparse instrumentation (piano and vocals) just adding to the experience.

As time passed on, though, they found it hard to impress club managers, with nothing to show but a bad quality tape of a live perfomance. So they started producing demos with full instrumentation. In fact, this helped them getting more jobs, and as soon as they were on stage, the managers didn't want to know about the whereabouts of the band which they had heard before on the demo.

Today, we don't produce demos anymore, but this doesn't stop us from working in the studio. And that's how this record was born. What would the…

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