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Kat.D - Karma

Kat.D - Karma
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It sounds like a trip around the world, with in-your-face lyrics that tug at the heart and soul.

Track Listing

  1. [5:12]
  2. [4:09]
  3. [4:16]
  4. [4:25]
  5. [4:17]
  6. [4:26]
  7. [5:08]
  8. [4:28]
  9. [4:22]
  10. [4:37]
  11. [4:40]
  12. [4:06]
  13. [4:30]
  14. [4:18]
  15. [4:54]


I was raised in Minneapolis Minnesota and sing about the poor closest to the street, a life I know. Being black, American Indian and Jewish - all my ancestors were abused.

I am spiritual and believe in the Supreme Being, seeing as HE/SHE has blessed me with a load of talent: fashion designer, dancer, singer, artist, lyricist, and now create animation and music. I learned early that familiarity breeds contempt, and was told "You can´t please everyone, so please yourself first".

In 1993 I moved to Germany and produce music, videos and soon will branch into film production using my 6 screenplays.

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Scharbeutz, Germany

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