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Krystylez - Krystylez

Krystylez - Krystylez
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This cd is a description of what I have experienced in my life, it also includes dancing and head bangers.

Track Listing

  1. [4:36]
  2. [4:39]
  3. [5:05]
  4. [4:42]
  5. [3:23]
  6. [4:01]
  7. [3:42]
  8. [3:29]
  9. [3:49]
  10. [3:21]
  11. [4:28]
  12. [3:29]
  13. [3:42]
  14. [3:58]


Born in Chicago, Krystylez as a child loved music his father was a Gospel singer and so was his mother. Growing up with sensational artists like Donny Hathaway, Stevie Wonder, The Enchantments. He brings a smoothness to your ear.
But Krystylez is not a stranger to the hip hop r&b world either with artists like R.Kelly, Joe, Dru Hill, ect. He brings a feel that you will never forget.
His cd Krystylez tells his story about whats he has been through and is just telling it like it is.
You can be relaxing with his song called "Second Chance" or just banging at the party with "Bordiqua".
World be ready Krystylez coming to your door

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Chicago, Illinois - USA.

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