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Leisur Hive - Spasm

Leisur Hive - Spasm
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An angular and occasionally dissonant slab of post-punk influenced noise-rock. Displaced vocals against a backdrop of solid percussion, growling bass & scratchy violin/guitars/electronics.

Track Listing

  1. [0:58]
  2. [5:16]
  3. [5:45]
  4. [4:44]
  5. [2:31]
  6. [6:21]
  7. [4:32]
  8. [2:24]
  9. [2:50]
  10. [3:07]
  11. [4:26]

Leisur Hive

Leisur HiveStirring, stately and throbbing with a warm grey heart, Leisur Hive's new full length album brings to fruition the off-kilter sound of their live performances. 11 new studio tracks which define Leisur Hive's aesthetic of merging slabs of growling rhythm with emotive shimmering songwriting.
Leisur Hive (formerly Leisurehive) were formed by Daniel Knowler and Maria Vellanz in an attempt to fuse angular, avant-rock songforms with an emotional, visceral intensity.
Dan's close-to-the-bone, emotional performances, Maria's echoing distorted soundscapes and Mark's throbbing, thunderous basslines have often been compared to such sonic individualists as Joy Division, Swans, Cop Shoot Cop and The Fall, but Leisur Hive remain solely focused on their own wayward path.
"It's not very often that bands…

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Brixton, London - England.

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