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Nineyears - Duality

Nineyears - Duality
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Music is still alive. NineYears is Trip hop, downtempo, Lounge but also Club Music, featuring sexy Female and Male voices. Let's dream together.

Track Listing

  1. [4:54]
  2. [5:12]
  3. [4:16]
  4. [4:15]
  5. [3:58]
  6. [3:43]
  7. [4:25]
  8. [4:08]
  9. [3:57]
  10. [3:11]
  11. [3:44]
  12. [6:20]


Nineyears starts from a Dream, a project more than a band, a project that has got something to do with the so-called "art", I mean music, visual art, photography, video, poetry.
Something, when you wake up in the morning, that makes you feel it's a good day.
You might call it Life. This project took shape in the 14th of february 03, nine years after a tragic event that happened in my life.
That fine day i wrote some of the tracks that now are in NineYear's first Album, "Duality."

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Milan - Italy.

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