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Tiffany Petrossi - Circles

Tiffany Petrossi - Circles
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Tiffany is a singer-songwriter. Her debut album, Circles, combines understated acoustic melodies with heartfully crafted lyrics. The songs from Circles resonate with a simplistic poignancy that captures the elemental sentiments of life. The album consists of twelve tracks written from a core feeling,inspiration, and-or story. All songs on the album are written and recorded with vocals and acoustic guitar only. This album is personal and provides the listener with an honest look into the songwriter's inspirations, thoughts and desires that they themselves can also relate to.

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Track Listing

  1. [4:12]
  2. [3:07]
  3. [2:57]
  4. [3:47]
  5. [3:10]
  6. [4:31]
  7. [2:53]
  8. [3:19]
  9. [4:06]
  10. [3:13]
  11. [1:45]
  12. [4:39]

Tiffany Petrossi

With her latest effort, this hard working, independent, Singer-Songwriter sparkles. Her essence and honesty shine throughout the twelve tracks. Her musical arrangements complement the story-telling lyrics are delivered with her clear and compassionate vocals.
The album’s title, "Caravan," signifies the journey she embarks upon as a songwriter, musician, recording artist and person.
Tiffany Petrossi has ambitiously released three albums in less than three years. All were self produced through her independent record label, Esmeralda Records, named after a character she played in a Tennessee Williams play.
Tiffany has also made her mark in the music industry with her organization, Rockin' Moms,®" which she created to promote moms in music.
As an aspiring Rockin’ Mom herself, she wanted to…

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San Jose, California - USA.

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Music Label

Esmeralda Records

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