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Viktor Mastoridis - The Journey Vol. 3 : Bursting

Viktor Mastoridis - The Journey Vol. 3 : Bursting
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Bursting is the third album (Vol. 3) in the project called THE JOURNEY: World of Music Quatrology. These four albums form a musical/spiritual journey, exploring four different stages (Longing, Restless, Bursting and Calm) and as many distinctive musical expressions and moods, all rooted in the Mediterranean World Fusion Music. Vol. 3 Bursting is mainly based on electric guitars. This is the place where World Music from the Balkan's meets Rock'n'Roll., and this encounter is spicy!

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Track Listing

  1. [2:01]
  2. [3:54]
  3. [3:15]
  4. [3:17]
  5. [4:12]
  6. [5:02]
  7. [4:49]
  8. [4:54]
  9. [4:34]
  10. [4:26]

Viktor Mastoridis

Musical journey started with Blues and Rock; influenced by Eric Clapton, Peter Green, Deep Purple, Pink Floyd, Allman Brothers etc; moved into Rap/Hip-hop/Rock fusion (band named Super Nova in the 80's Yugoslavia); after moving to the Netherlands started to be influenced by Balkan music (Greek, Macedonian, Serbian, Bosnian; uneven rhythms; fantastic scales).

First instrument: acoustic guitar but soon moved to electric; 'discovered' and connected with the Greek bouzouki and its sound while on holiday in Greece in 1981; bought the first Macedonian tamboura in 1987; received a baglamas as a gift in 2006 and since then these instruments represent the core of Viktor's expression.

In UK wrote music for various publishers and TV and radio programs, including EMI Publishing (Olympics 2004),…

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London - United Kingdom

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