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Yellow Jumps Twice - Yellow Jumps Twice

Yellow Jumps Twice - Yellow Jumps Twice
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The brilliant debut album of German rock/pop band Yellow Jumps Twice. The band have perfected their Beatles and Oasis-esque 'Brit Pop' sound so well that you'd think they were a British rock band.

Track Listing

  1. [1:41]
  2. [4:16]
  3. [3:52]
  4. [4:06]
  5. [3:16]
  6. [3:45]
  7. [4:04]
  8. [4:22]
  9. [3:11]
  10. [3:24]
  11. [4:29]
  12. [4:13]
  13. [4:55]
  14. [3:58]
  15. [5:04]

Yellow Jumps Twice

Yellow Jumps TwiceCatchy melodies and matured arrangements, building a bridge between driving guitars and tremendous harmonies - this is what characterizes the music of "Yellow Jumps Twice". Yahoo-Music certifies songwriter Sebastian Teufel and his crew straight Rock with a big dose of Britpop. Many people around the world honour the band's own style with more and more downloading their music.
Straight songs like "I Don't Mind" and the sensitive ballad "A Hundred Miles Away" are reflecting the great variety of "Yellow Jumps Twice".
On stage "YJ2" are Silke Thomas, Ulrich Teufel, Harald Gritschke and Sebastian Teufel. Since 2002 most songs are recorded by Sebastian on his own.

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Frankfurt - Germany.

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