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Record Labels

This That And The Other Records

Brighton based record label, specializing in rock, alternative, techno, fetish and electronica bands and solo artists.

New Music

New Music - Your Ticket into the Music Business. Where Singers, Musicians and Artists meet Record Labels, Music Managers and Scouts. New Music Label is a one-stop solution for seeking, finding, and managing all types of Music careers.


The Motile recordLabel is dedicated to the release of albums that combine improvisation, experimentation and/or other radical approaches to explore new musical territories.

Siamese Dogs Records

Label started in 1977 in Los Angeles by Philippe Mogane & James Williamson. Ist released killer Punk single:\"I Got A Right/Gimme Some Skin\", by Iggy Pop & The Stooges, # I in NYC Punk scene. Wildly/Widely bootlegged by so called Punk aficionados. True to its legendary provocative policy, Siamese Dogs Records releases \"Godfathers Of L A Punk\", PM 1001 SDR, an Anthology of Siamese famous singles of such reknown artists as Iggy Pop & The Stooges, Max Lazer, Nu Americans, The Attitude,The Controllers and The Weasels. Mickey Finn & The Blue Men, \"Black Hole\", PM 1002 SDR.