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Aaron Lordson

Aaron LordsdonThe Best of Lordson 3 is now our best seller.Was recorded in December 2007.

Why did you decide not to perform in clubs or restaurants and how do you describe your work?
Good question! The first problem what I have is I don't smoke, so it's difficult for me to stand then cigarette during a whole evening.
The second point is as long I consider myself not yet that famous, I think the clubs owners cannot accept to pay me good salary with my band for the performance we gonna give there even if the public will prefer us more than an famous Artist! Moreover, my performance will only be may be once a mounth, and I don't think is the right thing to do in this time if I'm thinking to build up a Career. Many music performers discuss a lot about my music and tried to make me believe that I will not be successful if I don't play techno music or pop, but I always want to stay who I am and thank God that I had the ability to understand that I had a different beat and musical soul. I’ll never forget who I am.where I came from,where I am today,and who help me to reach it and be here today..YOU!!!My public!! Concerning my music album I consider them all the best because my work is a progression and without the first,the latest would have no meaning. .

So do you think you are not yet professional enough?
I'm never satisfied about myself to say I'm good enough but I'm sure and I believe in what I'm doing that someday my dreams will become realities.

What will be your feeling if you will not reach the success you want and be well known?
The reality is, I'm not singing to become a Star but I'm singing first of all because is something I love and is a food for my soul! I'm very happy to share my feeling and the Philosophy of my music with the rest of the World with a very powerful vibration. But after all,don't forget that everybody wanna be famous and rich!Hhahahah!!…

What do you think about all what going on in the World right now?
What do you mean? You wanna talk about politics? war and stuff?
Don't forget that I'm not an politician, but Artist. For me, the World needs a Head then every country needs a head and every state need a Governor so every little village needs a small king then every family need a Father. Who ever will direct the future of people may know how and must be ready to insure peace for them! Moreover we all need to agree to try to speak the same language by choosing one in common so will be the key of better communication and reconciliation because solution can come easier if you can be able to understand each other. The same way our body need different food, the World need a change!
"For me it's important how to make you feel good and satisfy your soul.Music is love,music is peace".
"If I can make it with my music, I won't hesitate.
The whole World is my audience!"

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Barcelona - Spain.

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