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Aaron Lordson - Best Of Lordson 3

Aaron Lordson - Best Of Lordson 3
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The Best of Lordson 3 is now our best seller. Was recorded in December 2007. A great talent in the same vein as Marvin Gaye, Elvis Presley and Ray Charles.

Track Listing

  1. [3:33]
  2. [3:27]
  3. [4:16]
  4. [3:08]
  5. [3:33]
  6. [4:03]
  7. [3:31]
  8. [3:15]
  9. [6:17]
  10. [4:33]

Aaron Lordson

Aaron LordsdonThe Best of Lordson 3 is now our best seller.Was recorded in December 2007.

Why did you decide not to perform in clubs or restaurants and how do you describe your work?
Good question! The first problem what I have is I don't smoke, so it's difficult for me to stand then cigarette during a whole evening.
The second point is as long I consider myself not yet that famous, I think the clubs owners cannot accept to pay me good salary with my band for the performance we gonna give there even if the public will prefer us more than an famous Artist! Moreover, my performance will only be may be once a mounth, and I don't think is the right thing to do in this time if I'm thinking to build up a Career. Many music performers discuss a lot about my music and tried to make me believe that I will…

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Barcelona - Spain.

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Marvin Gaye, Elvis Presley, Ray Charles.

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Aaron Lordson

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