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Arafat-NZABA aka kharYsma CDs

Arafat-NZABA aka kharYsma

My music is moral rap, world music, sex and hardcore rap; christian rap. I have many style; but i sing a rap.

-2006 Birth: Release of extract 'Que ta volonté se fasse' or Thy will be done with the hit during 8 Months
-2008: Release of Single orphelin with the Christian clan Micro (TM);
-2009: Arrival in France, adding the name of kharYsma, with Y
-2010: Release of the french book 'Prémices d'amour sans détour'
-2011: Release of promotional EP victoire, and preparation of the first solo album Inattendu; Just over 20,000 views on youtube to date, with over 2500 visits in its first two websites, over 600 Listening to his songs by unique visitors online, 8 months to hit without being dethroned on ekzay, a recognized talent , and a first solo album 'Inattendu' in the tank's summer 2012 (21-08-2012). The title 'Big-up Big Down' from the album was ranked second radio right out and 'Que ta volonté se fasse' full finished No. 1 radio right out for 4 days in April 2012.

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Rennes, France

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