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Arafat-NZABA aka kharYsma - Inattendu

Arafat-NZABA aka kharYsma - Inattendu
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An music album based on rap and hip hop mixing the strengths, zouk and other sounds that make the dancefloor shake all on a lyric sometimes eclectic, or just teaching; with startling revelations on such titles as the klash target or klash la cible in french, ...

Let yourself be enchanted by the renewal of the urban scene, which brings sunshine to your evenings, walks, or relaxing and rest. Discover the Inattendu album of artist 'kharYsma aka Arafat-NZABA'

Track Listing

  1. [4:28]
  2. [4:22]
  3. [3:30]
  4. [3:22]
  5. [3:56]
  6. [3:19]
  7. [3:07]
  8. [2:43]
  9. [5:21]

Arafat-NZABA aka kharYsma

My music is moral rap, world music, sex and hardcore rap; christian rap. I have many style; but i sing a rap.

-2006 Birth: Release of extract 'Que ta volonté se fasse' or Thy will be done with the hit during 8 Months
-2008: Release of Single orphelin with the Christian clan Micro (TM);
-2009: Arrival in France, adding the name of kharYsma, with Y
-2010: Release of the french book 'Prémices d'amour sans détour'
-2011: Release of promotional EP victoire, and preparation of the first solo album Inattendu; Just over 20,000 views on youtube to date, with over 2500 visits in its first two websites, over 600 Listening to his songs by unique visitors online, 8 months to hit without being dethroned on ekzay, a recognized talent , and a first solo album 'Inattendu' in the tank's…

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Rennes, France

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