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Blank Brothers

From old school rock to electric blues, the work on this CD are all written by the team of Barnhardt/DeGrazio, save one: "I'm A Hog For You Baby" written by the legendary duo Lieber/Stoller.

The Blanks go way back to the 60's, when they played live along the front range of the Colorado Rockies as The Carpetbaggers. One of their bass players went on to play with The Doors ("occasional bass: Doug Lubahn", on the first album). They always enjoyed playing together, and had a couple of brief reunions, one of which was commemorated on the current CD (Magnolia), where they jammed in a cabin above Boulder, Colorado, in the late 60's, producing music that could compare directly with the early pre-Grateful Dead/Moby Grape style. In 1980, they reunited for an intense recording session in Denver as "The Dead Lady Band" with ex-drummer John McGovern. One of the songs taped at this three day workout was "Momma Care For Me", reworked on the current CD, "None of Your Business". Several reviewers have compared their sound to Lou Reed fronting The Kinks, and one added, "with the Fugs thrown in..."
Now the Blank Brothers work solely in the studio, and have no plans to return to the stage. Enjoy their style, which they imagine combines the best of American and British rock and roll, old school style, when the great renaissance hit the American shores hard...from "that sceptered isle" to the east!

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Loveland, Colorado - USA.

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Lou Reed fronting the Kinks, with some Fugs thrown in!