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Brad Pitt Light Orchestra CDs

Brad Pitt Light Orchestra

Brad Pitt Light OrchestraThe Brad Pitt Light Orchestra first got together in the mid '90s but started playing again in earnest last year thanks to the Celtic Tiger ensuring that everyone had ended up back on Irish soil again.
Their music features a blend of warm vocal harmonies, classy instrumentation and ear-catching melodies that is desperately hard to categorise yet strangely easy to love.

Building a almost disturbingly loyal fan base through gigs in Limerick and Dublin, the bplo were voted 'Rising Artist of the Week'on April 21st by public vote on Tom Dunne's Pet Sounds on Today FM.
Their first EP "Fireside Chat" has been flying off the CD burners as fast as they can make it and they are currently mixing their second.

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Limerick - Ireland.