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like millions of other people, at the age of Ten I had a dream. That dream was to become a singer / songwriter, a dream that never lost it's momentum as the years passed by. But life being what it is, the unrelenting demands, diverted me from that road I needed to follow in pursuit of my dream for the next 50 years - until my 60th Birthday.

It was on my 60th birthday that I decided that I had to take some time out for myself, because if I didn't do something NOW, I would be climbing those stairs to them old Pearly Gates with a sack full of unfulfilled dreams and spend the rest of eternity sitting on my lonely little cloud, plucking at a broken Harp and singing songs of regret to a group of tone deaf Angels.

So with money in wallet - and heart in hand - over the next 3 years I went out and bought a few new guitars; a digital multi-track recorder; a range of computer music software packages, lots of other bits & bobs, sufficient materials to build a small ‘Recording Studio’ in one corner of our large shed at the bottom of the garden, where I could practice and record without the worry of disturbing anyone but the Rabbits who could always buried their heads in the hay when it got too bad. I wrote, rehearsed, re-wrote, re-rehearsed, experimented, scraped, smiled, cried, prayed, kicked the shed door, kicked the Rabbits (only joking - don't call the RSPCA) and came very close to mugging the computer while learning how to use the amounting music software to it's full effect.

Then came that memorable day in March 2008, a few days before my 64th birthday, when my first Album was finished and apart from the Rabbits throwing a party for all the local wildlife, which went on till the early hours, all I needed to do now was to find a marketing outlet.

I found that outlet with CDUnsigned. It was like finding the Holy Grail. My Album was finished and here were the people who would help me sell my music to the universe.

At 64 I'm not looking to become a million dollar recording star. And not even a the first ‘Grand Pop’ Idol to get to the last 50 of the X factor. My only goal till I can't get out of the chair anymore, is to write my own stuff, and to share my work with others. And if I make a few bucks and pick up a couple of Fans along the way, that will be big bonus.

And that's it....Thank you so much for taking time to read my story. If you decide to buy my Album, you will help an ‘Old Rocker’ realize his dream; and if you happen to be ‘surfing’ one day and have a bit of time to spare, why not pop in to my little WebHome for a chat! And perhaps you can tell me about YOUR dreams?

Have a ‘GOOD DAY’ ....... And remember - ‘You're Never 2 Old 2 Live Your Dream’

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Dagenham, Essex - England.