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George-Alfred - Good Day

George-Alfred - Good Day
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A feast of melodic Jazzy Blues numbers with a sprinkling of old country from new singer / songwriter George-Alfred. The rich melodies, insightful lyrics and George’s powerful vocals, make this Album a pleasure to listen to and something a bit different...….a real ‘feel good’ experience not to be missed.

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Track Listing

  1. [3:54]
  2. [3:46]
  3. [4:27]
  4. [6:24]
  5. [4:40]


like millions of other people, at the age of Ten I had a dream. That dream was to become a singer / songwriter, a dream that never lost it's momentum as the years passed by. But life being what it is, the unrelenting demands, diverted me from that road I needed to follow in pursuit of my dream for the next 50 years - until my 60th Birthday.

It was on my 60th birthday that I decided that I had to take some time out for myself, because if I didn't do something NOW, I would be climbing those stairs to them old Pearly Gates with a sack full of unfulfilled dreams and spend the rest of eternity sitting on my lonely little cloud, plucking at a broken Harp and singing songs of regret to a group of tone deaf Angels.

So with money in wallet - and heart in hand - over the next 3 years I …

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Dagenham, Essex - England.

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