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Jack Dempsey

Jack DempseyJack started contributing to music in various ways as a hobby that he entertained whilst living in Ireland and in business on Essex Quay in central Dublin. Years later he allowed the hobby to morph into an aspiration that in time became the drawing of a bright new act.
Jack has been described as having an enigmatic air of charismatic fresh ingenuity and depth that renders redundant the need to justify or defend.
A kind of substance and sparkle with a dynamic presence. Jack has often collaborated with his entourage - hence the pop/rock versatility.
The material has a broad spectrum of public appeal. Rich, ambient, atmospheric sounds coupled with well structured vocals and a strong backbeat, introducing pulse and gusto, making it slick and tidy without polishing the life or charge out of it.
Jack Dempsey has been described as a sheen of consummate professionalism.

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Newcastle Upon Tyne - England.

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