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Jamie King

I was born in Edinburgh in 1980 and we immigrated to South Africa in '82'. I grew up in Durban which is situated on the east coast of Africa. I left school at the age of 16 and started a correspondence course, it was here in that solitude that I realised I had a passion for music. I was able to vent my emotions in an art form I knew nothing about.
All my frustrations and joys where taken out on paper, a dictaphone and my acoustic guitar.
I grew up near the ocean and this is where I spent my youth surfing up and down the South African coast. Music was only what I heard on the radio, a desire and a big dream.
After finishing my studies I headed off down to Cape Town to study Graphic and Web Design. The college had an exchange programme with a Norwegian college. Once I had completed my course I applied for the bursary but got denied. It was only a year an a half later that I got a phone call and the opportunity which would change the course of my life.
It was here where I completed my first demo (tracks incl.' Gifted' & 'Not The End'). From there I was advised to apply to the London Music School, where I did a 6 months course in vocal technology. At the end of the course, I recorded 'These are The Days & Desire' with the help of my class mates.
From here I went searching for a manager and label. After 6 months of searching I applied through an advert in NME (music magazine) and got in contact with PYE Music. My manager put me in touch with Ben Jones. Thus we now have an Album. My house mate (Joplin played keys) and my two collage mates Duri and Martin helped out on the bass and guitars.
In June I would have been in London for 3 years where I have been working, studying, gigging and just making the most of life.
Dream big

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London - England.