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Jamie King - Inner Core

Jamie King - Inner Core
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An Upbeat edgy pop/rock production that transcends into a smooth acoustic sound.

Track Listing

  1. [3:04]
  2. [3:54]
  3. [3:31]
  4. [4:05]
  5. [3:30]
  6. [3:17]
  7. [3:11]
  8. [2:41]
  9. [3:00]
  10. [3:57]

Jamie King

I was born in Edinburgh in 1980 and we immigrated to South Africa in '82'. I grew up in Durban which is situated on the east coast of Africa. I left school at the age of 16 and started a correspondence course, it was here in that solitude that I realised I had a passion for music. I was able to vent my emotions in an art form I knew nothing about.
All my frustrations and joys where taken out on paper, a dictaphone and my acoustic guitar.
I grew up near the ocean and this is where I spent my youth surfing up and down the South African coast. Music was only what I heard on the radio, a desire and a big dream.
After finishing my studies I headed off down to Cape Town to study Graphic and Web Design. The college had an exchange programme with a Norwegian college. Once I had completed my course…

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London - England.

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