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Marina Tihvinskaya

Marina TihvinskayaOften as composer and always as interpreter, Marina Tihvinskaya is truly international, singing with authority in several languages. In this extremely intimate album, English, Italian and French songs merrily follow each other as a hymn to the Europe which she loves to visit.
Marina's travels, encounters and feelings along the way are the muses which guide her creativity. They infuse the inspiration to find the ideal combination of words and melodies. Her artistic pursuit has been shaped by several prestigious influences: Madonna, Cher, Bryan Adams, Ricardo Fogli and Richard Marx are among her guiding lights. They have defined and nurtured her years as an apprentice in the art of music.
Music cradled Marina's young life from a very early age. Over the years, her love of music and singing grew and grew so that today it is her only passion, dominating her everyday life. Ten years studying piano, two years learning guitar, a fruitful transition to the American School of Modern Music and the Conservatoire of Paris's 9th arrondissement have brought Marina close to the greatest musicians, allowing her to test her musical skills on the big stages of Paris.
Marina Tihvinskaya is passionate and totally focused. She has fearlessly tackled all obstacles and is now embarking, with great maturity, on a solo career which promises a very bright future.

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Paris - France.

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