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Natalie B

Natalie B is a transgendered artist (trans-woman) who has been inspired to write and record instrumental music and songs related to her emotional state.
She started writing and recording her music in 2003, initially based around guitar riffs and melodies and more recently based from piano.
Her background in music goes back many years, and started with classical music from the age of 8 yrs old. Over the years, after playing with various orchestras and bands she took to playing guitar and recently decided to record and publish her own music. All her music is recorded in her own studio and can mainly be described as up-beat rock guitar based melodies with orchestral accompaniment.
Her first album Transcendental Melodies contains songs and instrumentals specifically related to her transgenderism. Her latest album Rock & Roll En Femme is an upbeat rock album featuring her excellent guitar playing.

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Sheffield, South Yorkshire - England.