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Nick Stubbs

Nick StubbsNick’s main passions lie in recording, playing different instruments and performing live. He runs a small project studio in East Yorkshire called 'Seaside Studio'.
His new album "Acoustic Nights" has been crafted from the songs he enjoys playing live! His songs are sung with passion and sincerity, and his lyrics always have something to say.
Over the last three years he has concentrated his time on the Saxophone and Flute and loves nothing more than to improvise with other musicians. He has been very fortunate to have had lessons with "Snake Davis" who is one of the UK’s best Saxophonist and flute players.
Recent gigs include the 'Voices of Africa' project on the main stage at Beverley Folk Festival, and events to commemorate the Wilberforce Bicentenary, the influence behind his song 'Light the way to Freedom'.

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Hull, East Yorkshire - England.