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Pete Mitchell Alias Stratmaster CDs

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Pete Mitchell Alias Stratmaster

Pete Mitchell Alias Stratmaster

Pete Mitchell alias STRATMASTER - Guitarist/Singer-Songwriter from UK.

70s jammed with 'MUDDY WATERS' in London, worked with own band 'SPECIAL BREW' who were signed to Dick James Music in London.

80s worked with Carl Wayne from the 'MOVE' on solo project. Worked with Roger Giffin from the 'MAGIC MUSHROOM BAND'. 80/90s worked with own band 'DRIVE' Rocking Boogie-Blues Power Trio.
2000/5 recording and writing etc. 2005 started working on CD project 'Cutting The Mustard'. All 10 trax are self-penned original songs, and are guitar driven. Passionate about the BLUES in various forms, and passionate about the guitar! 'Cutting The Mustard' is in the genre CROSSOVER Electric Blues/Country-Rock.

New Book just released titled 'Outside Looking In' (autobiography) about struggling musician, working across 30 years around the pub and club scene. The Book is available NOW from Amazon. ISBN No.184667011X

Imagine Freddie King with the drive of Billy Gibbons and the feel of Stevie Ray Vaughan, and you have Pete Mitchell alias STRATMASTER.

Trax are currently being played on radio right across US/UK/France/Europe/Canada/OZ.

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Weybridge, Surrey - England.

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