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I decided I wanted to be a singer at around 7 years old. I used to go to shows that my step dad was performing in and my uncle ran a pub so I used to like practising by hogging the karaoke on his karaoke nights! I used to be pretty shy though so my parents enrolled me into a Sunday performing arts school where I grew in confidence and spent the days singing, acting and dancing.
I stayed there for 2 years and in this time got signed to MEJ management for 2 years singing pop/dance songs. It was in that time I started listening to a lot of soul music and knew that this was the type of music I wanted to be singing! I ended the contract with MEJ Management and I got put in touch with a producer called Scott Whitman. I started writing and recording with him for a project he was doing.
After collaborating with various other artists I was put forward to Aspect Ratio Productions who I worked on an album called Show U with. After I had finished this album I still didn't feel like my style was unique enough and I auditioned to go to LA with LAMD to record with some top producers there and get some industry tips etc. I got through auditions and went there in Jan 07. In LA I worked with TJRizing Productions and was offered to go out there and work on an album which was great fun!
I'm now back in the UK, have been writing with Darren Evans and I've released my album. I’ve been very lucky to team up with some amazing musicians whome I’m lucky to say have become good friends along the way.

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Birmingham - England.

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