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Safanah - Building Bridges

Safanah - Building Bridges
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Safanah's incredible vocal ability shines through on this debut album full of well written original material and great soul covers. The UK's next biggest thing!

Track Listing

  1. [3:30]
  2. [4:38]
  3. [3:16]
  4. [3:48]
  5. [4:15]
  6. [3:28]
  7. [4:35]
  8. [1:48]
  9. [4:14]
  10. [4:11]
  11. [4:14]
  12. [5:23]
  13. [3:15]


I decided I wanted to be a singer at around 7 years old. I used to go to shows that my step dad was performing in and my uncle ran a pub so I used to like practising by hogging the karaoke on his karaoke nights! I used to be pretty shy though so my parents enrolled me into a Sunday performing arts school where I grew in confidence and spent the days singing, acting and dancing.
I stayed there for 2 years and in this time got signed to MEJ management for 2 years singing pop/dance songs. It was in that time I started listening to a lot of soul music and knew that this was the type of music I wanted to be singing! I ended the contract with MEJ Management and I got put in touch with a producer called Scott Whitman. I started writing and recording with him for a project he was doing.

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Birmingham - England.

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Music Label

Huckleberry Records

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