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Suzanne Daniels

This riveting, dramatically narrated spoken word/dance CD is expressed in the Theater of Spoken Word with hip-hop, world, latin beats and original, haunting melodies. This is More than a Book on Tape. It is a riveting tale of two beautiful, wealthy vampires and the people who love them. It is a story of people like you and I who have looked for love in all the wrong places; a tale of the undead who sit in coffee houses or dance in nightclubs, looking like someone you could love.

This writer/composer, smooth talking lady has been described as Sade with an Ann Rice imagination. Sizzling beats, tantilizing story telling and haunting melodies take the listener on a gripping, scary, sometimes funny ride through the Theater of Spoken Word.
Truly inspired by having her earlier composition, Slooo Jonathan, featured in the independant horror movie, Skeleton Key, Suzanne expanded her talent by composing and writing Welcome to DarksongZ Nightclub.

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Glendale, Los Angeles - USA.

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