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14ten - Inner Reflection

14ten - Inner Reflection
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14ten fuse hard rock music with powerful melodic vocals.

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Track Listing

  1. [4:01]
  2. [3:38]
  3. [3:40]
  4. [4:38]
  5. [3:35]
  6. [3:51]
  7. [3:00]
  8. [3:15]
  9. [3:57]
  10. [4:19]
  11. [2:39]
  12. [3:40]


“Some furious and well orchestrated kick drum patterns lead by a powerful driving lead vocal”
“There is a real freshness and sense of energy in their music that distinguishes it as something special”
-Ashley Neal, Surface Unsigned (Semi-Final)

"a band who play a brand of female fronted old-school heavy metal" "lead-singer Rachel’s voice is certainly powerful. Boy, that woman’s got lungs."
-Josie Allchin, Oxfordshire Music Scene Magazine

"Hard and heavy vocally driven Rock, it’s an intense and exciting sound" "confident and charismatic stage presence"
-Stephen Hudyba, Surface Unsigned Round 1.

The band was started in May 2006 by drummer Brian and vocalist Rachel. They began writing together and by October 2006 had 12 tracks completed. By June 2007 they were working with…

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Bicester, Oxfordshire - England.

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