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Helder Oliveira - For Eternity

Helder Oliveira - For Eternity
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Considered by many the best Neo-Classical Metal album released in 2011 in Portugal.

Track Listing

  1. [1:58]
  2. [5:58]
  3. [7:03]
  4. [8:08]
  5. [7:56]
  6. [8:55]
  7. [12:10]
  8. [4:32]

Helder Oliveira

Helder Oliveira (Viseu,Portugal,12-08-86), is a self-taught guitarist/composer, & an independent musician. He released his first solo record, "For Eternity" in 29-10-2011, being recorded in Singular Studio (PT), mixed/mastered by Campino. On 01-01-2014, "Empty Promises" was released, featuring Marco Vieira on vocals. Helder is currently working on a new album, please support Helder's Music!

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Moita, Viseu, Portugal

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