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Alex Giordani - Essence

Alex Giordani - Essence
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Imagine, Feel, Live, 3 simple words to describe what Alex’s songs are about: stories of people, details of real life, pictures painted of dreams. "Essence" is a personal diary made of lyric imagery, compelling sound and heartfelt vocals.

Track Listing

  1. [4:17]
  2. [3:44]
  3. [4:31]
  4. [4:00]
  5. [3:45]
  6. [3:43]
  7. [4:10]
  8. [3:42]
  9. [3:31]
  10. [4:05]
  11. [3:25]
  12. [3:36]
  13. [3:39]
  14. [4:01]

Alex Giordani

Alex GiordaniBorn in Rome, Alex Giordani is a talented songwriter, a gifted singer and musician, He likes to define his music as "Pop-Rock with an Orchestral touch" influenced by a wide range of artists, from The Beatles to U2, from Sting to Coldplay.
“There are many ways to tell a story” and Alex does it through his songs where he captures feelings, details and moments of real life that we all can relate to.
With his extensive on-stage experience, Alex has built a solid following due to his great voice and passionate live performances. This growing success has encouraged him to record professionally his home-produced songs. He has released his debut album "Essence" now available in stores. The compelling sound, the lyric imagery and the emotional vocals of Essence have been receiving an enthusiastic…

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Rome, Italy.

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