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Atomised - Virtual Strangers

Atomised - Virtual Strangers
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Virtual Strangers is a collection of stories about the complexities of modern life, relationships and our reliance on technology.

Released Jun 2016

Track Listing

  1. [3:15]
  2. [4:59]
  3. [3:37]
  4. [5:06]
  5. [3:40]
  6. [6:54]
  7. [4:33]
  8. [3:43]
  9. [3:09]


Atomised who are based in Cambridge, UK, have been fortunate to work with Award-winning producer Chris Taylor (The Bays, Amaral) to produce their second album 'Virtual Strangers'. The songs on the album tell stories of modern life - from the vacuous nature of modern celebrity though to the human race’s reliance on technology. With thought provoking lyrics sung over an original soundscape it is a collection of songs that are hard to put a label on as they combine the best elements of indie, pop and rock. Judge for yourself.

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Cambridge - England.

Music Label

Half Life Music

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