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Caramel G - Raising The Game

Caramel G - Raising The Game
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This album is hard to describe or categorize. Caramel G brings her own unique style of singing & rapping on her debut album "Raising The Game". The result is HOT there are some Club Bangers, Slow Jams, Rap/Hip-Hop and Drum n Bass tracks....

Track Listing

  1. [1:06]
  2. [4:01]
  3. [4:01]
  4. [3:54]
  5. [3:23]
  6. [4:44]
  7. [3:04]
  8. [3:14]
  9. [4:36]
  10. [3:48]
  11. [4:10]
  12. [1:32]

Caramel G

Caramel GBack in May 1976 the hottest summer ever!! A hot new star was born in London, England. She was named Melanie T Gayle. Melanie is now known as "CaraMel.G aka MTG", a Female Rapper/Singer-Songwriter with ATTITUDE!! Why two names I hear you ask well let me explain....
CaraMel.G sings the sweet & sexy RnB vocals, whilst MTG is a Rapper with a message. Her flow is original, raw and rugged and her lyrics have meaning!! With her father coming from Jamaica you can hear a little ragga vibe in her voice when she raps & sings.
"CaraMel.G aka MTG" is a truly unique artist that can only be described as a solo version of Floetry or a mix of Missy Elliott & Janet Jackson in one!! You are basically getting two great artists in one package!! When it comes to performing CaraMel.G. aka MTG is second to none.…

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Music Label

MTG Entertainment

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